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Huevember Day3: Ace

Some more yellow today~

Cerulean Reference

[Here's Cerulean! He's married to the next character I'll post, Viridia!]

"I'm going to protect Viridia. She was all alone and she means everything to me."

Basic Info

Name: Cerulean
Nicknames: None
Age: 26
Birthday: September 2nd
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Panromantic, Pansexual
Height: 5'8" | 173 cm
Species: Human
Job: Protector of Viridia, Noble in Rose Kingdom Court

Powers: Telekinesis, mind reading, divine song, and some nercromancy (though he's never used it)


Likes: Blues, greens, fancy robes, building little things, and writing
Dislikes: Being alone, people who judge him and his wife, loud noises, and loud people

Personality: Probably the most calm and collected person in all of the Rose Kingdom, Cerulean is always the first to spring into action. He does things with an elegance to them, and works quickly and efficiently. He's smarter than most people realize and he's one of the most trustworthy people in the royal court. He's honest respectful, and will never go behind your back and lie to you or others about you. He's always working to better himself.
However, Cerulean is blunt, not really thinking about how others will feel if they hear the truth. He's also seemingly emotionless most of the time, to the point where people think he literally can't feel anything. He can be a little over-protective when it comes to those he cares about, especially Viridia. Granted, they are married. But when he does show extreme emotion, he has the wrath of a hurricane in his heart. He tries to keep this under control, just so he doesn't hurt anyone.

History: Born to a noble and a common woman, Cerulean wasn't quite sure where he fit into the kingdom for some time. After a few years, his parents went on a trip, leaving him in the care of the older nobles. However, his parents were not to return after the ship they were on sank. Cerulean doesn't remember much of his childhood, only his studies as a teen to become a part of the royal court. He grew up and became one of the most trusted court members. One day, he found a lone AmoraPuff and took her in. The two became each others' companions and protectors and soon married. Cerulean is very happy with where he is now, and loves everything about his life.


-Cerulean is named after a colors of the same name.
-Cerulean is often mistaken for a girl due to his long hair, girlish features, and elegant robes.
-Cerulean's favorite time of the day is evening.
-Cerulean's favorite food in mint chocolate chip ice cream.
-Cerulean makes his own clothing. One of the female advisers in the court showed him how when he was young.

Viridia Reference

[Here's my girl, Viridia! :D]

"I love Cerulean and I'll protect him with everything I can. That's what anyone would do for their lover."

Basic Info

Name: Viridia
Nicknames: None
Age: 22
Birthday: March 5th
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Biromantic, Bisexual
Height: 5'4" | 163 cm
Species: Amorapuff
Job: Companion to Cerulean


Charm: Very Rare - star
Balloon: Very Rare - Heart
Ear Filling: Uncommon - Colored puff
Wings: Uncommon - 1 set of medium wings
Tail Object: Common - Animal Plushie (Peacock)
No Rarity Traits: Hanging Tail | Flowered Bow | No Topper

Powers: None


Likes: Green, birds, going to the zoo, fluffy clothes, and small animals
Dislikes: The dark, deep water, being sad, and being without Cerulean

Personality: Viridia is a sweetheart and she wears her emotions on her sleeve. She's always trying to help others and make her companion and others happy. She doesn't like seeing people be mean to each other, she feels there's no reason for it. She's very motherly and gentle, with a touch as soft as a baby hummingbird. She's also very observant, making note of tiny things that others may miss. She's motivational and sweet and will protect those she cares about.
While being sweet, Viridia can also be aloof when upset, not wanting to show negative feelings and seem anything but happy. She's a little clumsy, sometimes tripping in the heels she wears or accidentally using her magic the wrong way. She's never one to keep her emotions separated when using magic, so her powers often fluctuate with her emotions. This is dangerous, but she triess to keep this ins check. She can also be a little childish, but its only because she wasn't raised by parents.

History: A peacock plushie was loved by a young child in the Rose Kingdom, and when it was lost by the child, all her care and love was pulled into the plush, creating an AmoraPuff. She wandered in the kingdom, but didn't know who her plushie's owner was or where she went. The child, as it turns out, left the kingdom after losing her parents and was long gone. The AmoraPuff eventually gave up on her search and was found by Cerulean, one of the advisors to the kingdom's heir. He took her in and she became his companion, him, her protector. After a few years, the two fell in love and are now married. She loves Cerulean and loves her people.


-Viridia is named after the bluish green color Viridian.
-Viridia's favorite food is spaghetti.
-Viridia learned all of her magic from Cerulean.
-Viridia has an accent similar to someone from India.
-Viridia has stretchmarks. She saw some on Cerulean and chose to have them on her form, as she felt they gave wonderful character and beauty to his body and her form.

Joseph Reference

[Here's Joseph! He's the ruler of the kingdom Cerulean and Viridia live in!]

"I will rule with a kind hand and great mercy. My people are my family, and I will protect them."

Basic Info

Name: Joseph Flortian
Nicknames: His Highness, His Majesty, His Royalness
Age: 21
Birthday: September 1st
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Panromantic, Asexual
Height: 6'0" | 183 cm
Species: Human
Job: Ruler of the Rose Kingdom

Powers: Can manipulate roses and their plants to his will and can heal flowers.


Likes: Red, fancy clothes, flower crowns, crayons, and rainy days.
Dislikes: Really hot weather, being told to stay inside, and being without his flower eye patch.

Personality: When you meet Joseph, he's a very quiet and calm person, very soft-spoken. He's always keeping himself together and won't panic unless something is truly wrong. He's the kind of person to observe your movements and tone and decide if he can trust you. He cares greatly for his people, being a kind and merciful person when they need him. He's also a big sweetheart and will give to those who need money or homes or something to help them get back on their feet.
Joseph, despite his calmness, can doubt himself at times, wondering if he truly made a good choice in royal matters. Of course, he has a companion to consult on these matters, but still tends to wonder. He can be childish and pout when his court tries to get him to do royal tasks or things he doesn't enjoy. However, he knows they have to get done sometime. Joseph is truly trying to help his people and be the best ruler he can be. He just needs to trust others and himself more.

History: Born in the Rose Kingdom's royal family, Joseph was unexpected but loved nonetheless. He had to take the throne very young, as his father was killed in a battle and his mother disappeared after his death. Joseph had a hard time learning the magic all his people knew, and almost gave up his throne to one of his court members. However, there was a day when a girl from another world called Aermerea came to him. An AmoraPuff going by the name Cascade. She knew of his plight and helped him regain his confidence and learn his magic. He now rules the Rose Kingdom and wouldn't trade this life for anything.


-Joseph is rarely seen without the flower patch over his eye.
-Joseph plans to give the throne to an adopted child someday, not wanting to have a biological child.
-Joseph has a crush on Cascade, his AmoraPuff.
-Joseph's favorite colors are red and gold, hence his outfit colors.
-Joseph loves sweets.

Cascade Reference

[Here's my baby, Cascade! She's Joseph's Amora!]

"I was sent to help Joseph. I'll always take care of him and I love him dearly."

Basic Info

Name: Cascade Delaney
Nicknames: Cassy, Cas-Cas
Age: 25
Birthday: January 31st
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Panromantic, Heterosexual
Height: 5'7" | 173 cm
Species: Amorapuff
Job: Companion to Joseph Flortian


Charm: Star (Very Rare)
Ears: Wisped Cotton (Rare)
Wings: 1 Set, Small (Common)
Tail: Teardrop (Common)
Tail Item: Animal Plushie (Fish; Common)
No Rarity Items: Single Hanging Tail, Handle Topper, Double Loop Bow

Powers: Water manipulation, flight and hydrokinesis


Likes: Water, fish, blue, flowy gowns, swimming, and plushies.
Dislikes: Sharp objects, complicated technology, being told to be ladylike, and being told to stay put.

Personality: A bubbly and sweet Puff, Cascade loves her companion and all of his people and does her best to help in his choices and learning. She likes to make people laugh, see others smiles, and loves making new friends. She's very proper when she needs to be and will take royal matters seriously. She's also very meticulous with little details. She's brave and doesn't let a lot scare her. Cascade can be very understanding when someone is upset and she loves to help others.
Cascade, despite her cheerfulness, can freeze up and become confused or emotionless when something happens that makes her sad. She'll try to hide tears by staying stoic and will do her best to not get upset. Cascade rarely gets mad but will become very aloof when angry. She's also overprotective at times and will try to do things for people that she perceives as dangerous. Cascade can also be very clumsy, especially since she wears heels. She tends to trip over her own feet a lot.

History: Cascade was brought into being when a BloomPuff's fish plushie was left behind in a move to a new world. The plushie was loved dearly and so the fish was brought into the world as an AmoraPuff. She wandered for a while, unaware of what she was and eventually saw herself in a mirror. She decided to name herself Cascade and stayed inAermerea for sometime. Then, she heard about a young ruler in another world who was going through struggles, and she made her way to his world to become his companion. Joseph was wary at first, but she proved her trustworthiness and has stayed by his side since. She loves him dearly and always will.


-Cascade saw her reflection in a mirror in a shop in Aermerea. For a few days, she had no idea what she looked like.
-Cascade has partial heterochromia. Her eyes are half light blue, half dark blue.
-Cascade loves to swim by waterfalls.
-Cascade is slowly learning plant magic from the nobles in Joseph's court.
-Cascade's favorite food is chocolate cake.

Yarlene Reference

[Here's another Amorapuff I have! This is Yarlene!]

"I'm studying hard, and I know that I can do whatever I set my mind to."

Basic Info

Name: Yarlene Mayday
Nicknames: Yarley
Age: 17
Birthday: January 14th
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Homoromantic, Asexual
Height: 5'3" | 160 cm
Species: Amorapuff
Job: Magic Academy Student


-Charm: Heart (Rare)
-Balloon: Spade (Rare)
-Ear Filling: Pink cotton (Uncommon)
-Wings: Small (Common)
-Tail Object: Plush Heart (Rare)
-Tail Type: Perky Tail
-Bow Type: Doubled loop
-Topper Type: Ruffled top

Powers: Knows healing magic, telekinetic magic, flying magic, teleportation and dimension hopping magic, and some smaller spells.


Likes: Pink, hearts, soft clothes, wands, and being able to help others with her magic.
Dislikes: Sitting still for long periods, not being acknowledged in conversations, dark colors, and people who judge based on mental illness

Personality: Yarlene is a smart girl, with a great interest in magic and its forms. Magic and learning about it is one of the things that keeps her grounded and focused. She doesn't always take interest in other things, but is really a smart and efficient girl. She's bubbly and easy to make laugh. Yarlene is also very kind and loves helping others with her magic. She's a bright person, rarely seen in a bad mood. She's really sweet, really smart, and will lend a helping hand if you truly need it.
The downside is that she's a little asocial at times, not always knowing how to talk to new people or make friends. She doesn't always know what's socially good to say to people or what gestures may be awkward to do. She's a sensitive person too, but tries to keep herself from crying in front of others. She's clumsy at times and trips over her own feet at least once a day. Yarlene does her best, tries to help others, and that's what really matters, right?

History: Yarlene was brought into the world after a heart plushie was left behind in a park and never found by its owner. The plushie was well loved and cherished and these feelings are what gave life to Yarlene. She was instantly curious of the world around her, wanting to explore and see everything. She did this for some time, before stumbling into one of the best magic schools in Aermerea. She was drawn to the students and their spells, and was directed to the headmaster. She saw great potential in Yarlene and decided to give her a scholarship so she could learn at the school. Yarlene proved to be a good student and quick learner, and now is still working on learning higher forms of magic.


-Yarlene has a mild form of Aspergers Sydrome.
-Yarlene's room in the academy has lots of her own drawings and paintings hanging on the walls.
-Yarlene loves the color pink.
-Yarlene's favorite food is strawberries.
-Yarlene always carries a wand for emergencies.

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shriektober day 30: celestial

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Felinics! :D

Gender presentation whomst?

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Types of waterfall users:

babushka -
  • those of us who're basically here 24/7

  • "oh whoops i forgot this site existed for 5 months but now im going to post here!" *proceeds to disappear for another 6 monts*

  • *hoards the url and leaves*

ypdated my queue posting from 2 to 4 cause i have 60 queued items

Celeste Reference

[Here's my girl, Celeste! She's my second Godly Bloompuff, the first being Marcel!]

"I may not be able to say my words, but my actions will speak my love for this world."

Basic Info

Name: Celeste
Nicknames: Cel, Celly
Age: 300
Birthday: January 1st
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Polyromantic, Polysexual
Height: 7'0" | 213 cm
Species: Bloompuff
Job: Fruit Farmer


Flower: Fruit Bearing Ears Without Flower-Blueberries-Godly
Pattern: Floral Pattern-Very Rare
Tail: Fruit Bearing Fluffy Tail-Blueberries-Godly
Wings: Angel Wings-Uncommon
Other: Constellation Halo-Godly

Powers: Plant maipulation, telekinesis, cryokinesis, and star energy powers.


Likes: Blueberries, strawberries, the moon, stars, crayons, makeup, and fancy earrings.
Dislikes: Creepers, zombies, being alone, being injured, and people touching her tail.

Personality: Though she can't directly speak, Celeste's actions speak loudly for her personality. She's kind and gentle, a sweetheart who only wants the best for her friends and her Amorapuff. She's curious and very smart, wanting to learn about the world around her. She's got a thrist for adventure as well, not being afraid to explore and fight the monsters of Minecraftia.
However, when you first meet her, she can come off as shy due to her lack of ability to speak. She doesn't like to talk first, wanting to observe first before anything else. She can be very quick to saddness when upset, crying and not wanting to worry others. She's a little clumsy, and some consider her aimless, not really looking for a purpose or reason for everything she does.

History: Born in Aermerea, it was clear during the first years of her life that Celeste couldn't speak. She was mute, not shy or asocial, she literally couldn't talk. This often made her not want to try to speak to others, but she really wanted to somehow. That was when another Godly Puff, named Marcel, taught her sign language before he left Aermerea. Celeste grew up this way, before deciding to leave Aermerea to find the Bloompuff who had helped her so much. She made her way to Minecraftia and eventually found Marcel and his new Amorapuff, Michael. Since then, Celeste has made lots of friends, gotten her own Amorapuff, opened a fruit farm, and has led a wonderful life. She loves to explore and won't be stopping any time soon.


-Celeste's favorite color is cerulean.
-Celeste's main hobby is drawing. She's actually really good.
-Celeste's favorite food is brownies!
-Celeste is really good at ballet.
-Celeste has a collection of glazed terracotta blocks.
-Celeste likes to fish with her Amorapuff, Apollo.

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Skintober 27 - Dark Star

27 - I like the black hole placement...that's about it

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character i designed for a friend of mine!

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rainbow girl

this shirt is inspired by one i really loved and the girl just came sort of naturally

so if there were two astronauts on the moon

and one killed the other with a rock,

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anyway here's my entry for #GalaxysCutest plz like if u have instagram thank you

its Ria from @sailor-moon-space btw


sOmebody come get hER shes ancing like a strIPPpeR


Simpstuck upd8 bart fucking dies

newest page here

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cool-guy -

read my simpson kids play sburb comic xx

art fight attack for Ryoe!

my af profile is here!